Hail the Barrista
This collection of songs was recorded in March and April of 2005 at Molten Java
in Bethel CT.  We like if a lot, and we hope you will, too. 

Drop us a note to let us know what you think.

1.  Who Woulda Thunk It
2.  Dream a Little Dream
3.  Big City
4.  End of the World
5.  Daydream
6.  Ashokan Farewell
7.  Hey Good Lookin'
8.  Blue Bayou
9.  Sea Cruise
10.  Luckenbach Texas
11.  Paper Moon
12.  Sunday Morning Coming Down
13  Gold/Rhiannon
14.  My Dad's Truck.com

Bonus Track:
15.  Gypsy Davy

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